Vacancy For Vaishali Branch




05/05/2015 Part Time Band Master Part Time Band Master
05/05/2015 PA to Principal PA to Principal
05/05/2015 Chess-Classes (I-VIII) Chess-Classes (I-VIII)
05/05/2015 Part Time teachers Part Time teachers
05/05/2015 Dance Dance
05/05/2015 French Part Time French Part Time
05/05/2015 TGT- Geography TGT- Geography
05/05/2015 TGT- Physics TGT- Physics
05/05/2015 TGT Maths TGT Maths
02/04/2015 Front Office Executive Front Office Executive
02/04/2015 PA to principal PA to principal
02/04/2015 Accountant Accountant
02/04/2015 PRT- Art PRT- Art
02/04/2015 TGT- PGT Maths TGT- PGT Maths
02/04/2015 TGT- Accounts+Business TGT- Accounts+Business
02/04/2015 Studies+Economics Studies+Economics
02/04/2015 TGT- psychology+Counselor TGT- psychology+Counselor
02/04/2015 TGT-Geography TGT-Geography
02/04/2015 PRT Hindi PRT Hindi
02/04/2015 NTTs NTTs
02/04/2015 PRTs PRTs
03/03/2015 Psychology TGT Psychology TGT
03/03/2015 Maths TGT- PGT Maths TGT- PGT
03/03/2015 Geography TGT Geography TGT
03/03/2015 History TGT History TGT
03/03/2015 English TGT English TGT
03/03/2015 Art PRT Art PRT
03/03/2015 NTT NTT
03/03/2015 PRT General PRT General

Note: Computer literacy is essential for all positions.

PA to Principal : 8750763999 ( Mrs Tanu Chopra)
Admin Officer: 8750783999
Reception: 8750773999
Transport: 8744050935 ( Mr. Prakash)